Congratulations!!! You have just moved to a new home. You have been able to achieve half of the hurdle, now comes phase two. Now, all the boxes are opened after the movers must have unloaded your things. You left with figuring out how exactly to unpack and organize all your properties. The Movers Logistics is aware this could be an overwhelming and scary process just thinking about it. We know it’s not easy, unpacking and sorting your stuff can take days, weeks and even month to achieve.

All you need is to prioritize and organize after your move; we have highlighted tips to help you through your first week in your new home. All the Best!!!

  1. Identify essential boxes: In the course of packing, it is important that you pack a box of essentials for every member of the house. The essential box should contain all the things you would need for the first days in your new home while you get your hands on unpacking and sorting the other things.
  2. Tidy up the house:  This is usually done a day before the move because it is more effective to scrub, clean, mop the whole home while it’s empty. Not to worry if you have not gotten this done before the move; all you need to do is ensure your belongings are packed neatly in boxes before you start cleaning. If you feel the home is too dirty for you to tidy up, hire a cleaning service to help get things in order. This helps to relieve you of a lot of stress.
  3. List out the rooms in your new home:  The more detailed this list is, the easier it will be to plan the process of unpacking. Include storage spaces like closets, sheds, basements, stores.
  4. Decide what box belongs to each room:  You would need to decide what goes to which room irrespective of the size of your new home. Decide how you want each room to look and what purpose each room should serve.
  5. Position large items first:  Once the large items have been placed in the right place- this is usually part of the service rendered by a moving company. Set up your rugs and carpets before you start placing items like beds, chairs, tables, couches, and any other large item. If you have a large space, it’s ok to first unpack your important rooms before setting up your furniture because space might be needed to sort out other items.
  6. Place the boxes in the right room:  During packing, it is important you label your boxes to enable you to identify them easily. This will make unpacking a lot easier since you already know the content in every box and can now easily place or assign them to the right room instead of piling them in one room. You can also label your boxes with color codes to help excite the kids to get involved in unpacking.
  7. Set a schedule:  Set a schedule, on paper, and stick to it. Try to build extra time for rooms with many small things to unpack. Make a note on your list of rooms with an estimated time for unpacking each area. Plan for about ten minutes per box of large items and thirty minutes per box of smaller items. For those that can’t take time off, then you need to set a schedule for yourself. Should be a simple schedule, such that each member of the family must unpack three boxes per night. Make it reasonable and realistic, but also plan it so that the unpacking will be done as soon as possible. If you’re working with children or teenagers, you may come up with exciting ideas that would inspire them to reach their goal.


Main Bathroom
Nursery or kids room
Master Bedroom
Living Room
Guest Bedroom
Sitting Room
Dining Room

As you’re settling in and organizing, don’t forget your goal for how many days or weeks it’ll take until you are completely unpacked. Stick to your plan, and you’ll be past the hassle of the move before you know it.

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